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Exercise Physiology,
Personal Programs,
Injury Rehab and
Corporate Health

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Training Diary

This is the perfect day by day, month by month, motivational guide to achieving your health and fitness goals!

Your Exercise Physiology Training Diary allows you to work closely with our team of highly qualified, experienced, professional trainers who are at the forefront of the fitness industry.

You can tailor your exercise and nutrition program specifically to meet your goals. You will monitor your exercise and nutrition progress closely with a day by day recording, monthly summary, yearly planning, and quarter yearly fitness assessments.

The perfect motivational tool!

Your Exercise Physiology Training Diary allows for the versatility of your lifestyle, complete dietary analysis, personalised exercise prescription, weekly training routines, goal motivation and rehabilitation considerations.

This is the ultimate training tool for whatever your health and fitness goals may be!

PROMOTION: With Purchase of your Exercise Physiology Training Diary, you will receive a complimentary personal training consultation to discuss how to use your diary to maximise your time to effectively achieve your goals.

This also allows you to receive one on one personal training sessions, program upgrades, nutritional advice, fitness assessments and the on-going support and motivation of our team of trainers. Contact us to order your copy to get started today!

About the author

Brett Butterworth B.Sp.Sc. (Ex Phys) UNSW
Managing Director Exercise Physiology Australia

Brett has spent 10 years building Exercise Physiology into Sydney 's largest independently owned health and fitness company.

He is a trainer in big demand with athletes, celebrities and business executives, because Brett understands that each individual needs to be programmed for specifically, and motivated physically as well as mentally to achieve their desired goals.

This has also asserted him as a sought after exercise physiologist that has specialised in rehabilitation with extreme medical conditions.

He has trained athletes to break world records and has redesigned the lifestyle of many clients, helping some to lose over 40kg.

Brett lectures to other fitness professionals, while also developing his highly dynamic, professional team of Exercise Physiology trainers.

A third degree black belt with 18 years of experience in martial arts, he has represented Australia and instructs at an international level in Hapkido.

Exercise Physiology