Exercise Physioogy

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Exercise Physiology,
Personal Programs,
Injury Rehab and
Corporate Health

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Debrah Hutchen

Debrah Hutchen – A life change
Debrah has lost over 27kg, 20cm off her waist, and is fitter and stronger than ever. In just her 1st weeks of training she lost over 16kg. Our professional trainers have managed and nursed her degenerative arthritis in her knees, and improved her bone mineral density. Her over all quality of life has improved with her life changing transition.

Rocky Perguni

Rocky Perguni – Customs Agent
Since commencement of training Rocky has lost an amazing 25kg, while increasing his lean muscle tissue by 10kg. This is a true testimony as to why strength training is essential for fat loss. Rocky is looking and feeling better than ever. “Thank you Exercise Physiology for motivating me and providing the right program specific to me."

Stavros Davidopolous

Stavros Davidopolous – Building Supervisor
When I was 107kg, I was unhealthy and breathless at the top of the stairs and people on the site would talk about me, at my expense. In just 5 months I dropped to 82.5kg (25kg), gained muscle tone, improved strength and fitness. I can now walk around work strongly, efficiently and confidently. "Thank you Exercise Physiology. You made me believe in myself and I have never felt better."

Frank Bulluss

Frank Bulluss – Accounting Director
Exercise Physiology has enabled me to exercise safely after heart surgery and regain my self esteem whilst re-shaping my body. I now enjoy the perpetual fun of keeping fit.


Lisa C – House Wife
In just 10 weeks I have dropped from a size 16 to 10, lost 12 kilos and 13cm off my waist and 14cm off my hips. Thank you Exercise Physiology for shaping my life.

Steve Shelly – Aircraft Maintenance Director
Training with Exercise Physiology has allowed me to fulfill my main goal of increasing muscle and strength. I have put on over 6kg, decreased my body fat and can now leg press 1000 pounds. I have never felt stronger.

Duncan Collier – Accountant
Duncan through training with Exercise Physiology has been aided in overcoming a life long fear of swimming. Duncan can now swim confidently laps of an Olympic size pool. He has also lost 12kg, and improved his fitness to a point where he can run competitively in races.

Nick Alaveris – Cerebral Palsy rehabilitation
Nick has lived with Cerebral Palsy his whole life. Nick, with his continued persistence and commitment to his training, has just developed the ability to move his left arm, roll over in bed, sit un-supported and take his first steps in over 10 years.

Lyn Humphreys – Hotel Owner
Lyn has used training with Exercise Physiology to improve her fitness and confidence. In a tough industry, in which she is at the forefront, she is now working more efficiently than ever.